Ernesto Ibañez

Ernesto Ibanez has worked with various materials such as: ceramics, cement, wood, metal, fiberglass, and resin. Always aiming to take on new challenges and make full use of different materials. In the past four years the artist has concentrated his work on a technique that he developed in which the pieces are covered with thousands of nails that simulate fur. This idea emerged from the search to propose something new. He accomplished this by changing the nail’s context, from its original intent into something completely different. Creating a great impact between the spectator and the work.





             2005-2010                              Degree: Bachelor of Visual Arts (Sculptor)

      Guadalajara, Mexico                 Universidad de Guadalajara Mexico

(University of Guadalajara Mexico)




“Be Part of the Party for the Arts UTSA”,Brick at Blue Star San Antonio Texas,USA 2016

 “Red Dot”, Blue Star Contemporary San Antonio Texas,USA 2016

 “Extra Ordinary”, Cinnabar Gallery San Antonio Texas, USA 2015

“El Bosque” UNAM CHICAGO IL, USA 2015

“Be Part of the Party for the Arts UTSA”, Plaza Club San Antonio Texas,USA 2015

 “Art Night UTSA”, Springhill Suites Marriott San Antonio Texas, USA 2014

 “15 Artists”, Gallery Nord, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2013

“Four Emerging San Antonio Artists”, Gallery Nord, San Antonio,Texas, USA 2012

“La Parvada” (The Flock), Painting and Sculpture, Josephine Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, USA2011

“Inspire’s on Fire”,San Antonio Central Library, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2011

“Inspire’s on Fire”, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2011

Won Award – “Best of Show” with “Thousand Rabbits” piece.

“Exposición de Colaboraciones” (Collaborations Exhibition), La Casa Rosa (The Pink House), San Antonio, Texas, USA 2011

 “81st Annual Artists Exhibition”, The San Antonio Art League and Museum, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2011

“No Puedo Prometer Nada” (I Cannot Promise Anything), Galería Jorge Martínez

(Jorge Martinez Gallery), Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 2011

 “80th Annual Artists Exhibition”, San Antonio Art League and Museum, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2010

Won Award – “Marcia Gygli King Award”

“High Wire Art Gallery”, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2010

“La Casa Rosa”, (The Pink House), San Antonio, Texas, USA 2010

“XVIII Salon de la Escultura” (The Eighteenth Sculpture Hall), Guadalajara Center of

Modern Art 2009

It’s Ok to Cry” Galería HUMO (HUMO Gallery), Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 2009

“Shampoo Negro” (Black Shampoo) Chai Café, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 2007




“El Bosque” UNAM San Antonio Texas, USA 2015

“Universal Trash, and El Bosque” (Universal Trash, and The Forest), Mexican

Cultural Institute, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2014

“Universal Trash”, Magnolia Salon del Arte (Magnolia Art Hall), San Antonio, Texas, USA 2012

“Painting and Sculpture”, Josephine Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2011

 “La Parvada” (The Flock), Patio Central Casa Museo López Portillo (Central Patio of

the Museum House López Portillo), Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 2011




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